As we introduce ourselves to you, it seems best to do so with three words that best describe Pigeon Cove Chapel.

First, at Pigeon Cove Chapel,
Christ is central. It is only through Jesus Christ's perfect life, sacrificial death, and victorious resurrection that we can be saved from our sin, given peace with God, and experience eternal life. We joyfully worship Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord, knowing that He is the Head of our Church.

Second, Pigeon Cove Chapel is a Church. This is Jesus' own designation for those who have been called by His name and assemble together for worship. Christ has promised to build, sustain, and lead His church. Therefore, all that we do is in submission and obedience to Christ and ultimately for the proclamation of the glory of His name.

Finally, Pigeon Cove Chapel is a
Family. As our designation implies, we are a "Friendly Chapel By the Sea." In other words, we are a church of family and friends who joyfully fellowship together, while also seeking to be a light for those around us. This bond of unity and love for others is based on God's promise to forgive the guilty and give hope to the helpless.

This is just a small taste of why Pigeon Cove Chapel exists. We pray that you might make our church your home and join us as we shine the glory of Christ for all to see.