Congregational Landscape
Pigeon Cove Chapel is currently blessed with 18 active members in addition to an equal number of faithful attenders at weekly services and activities. The congregation is comprised almost entirely of adults aged 40 and older, with slightly more females than males represented.
With a reduced number of active members in recent years, the church has been functioning outside the strict requirements of its bylaw article concerning Committees and Officers. With guidance from area pastors and the elders of the Orthodox Congregational Church of Lanesville, a sister church in Gloucester, the congregation has assigned leadership responsibilities to an ad hoc Steering Committee of four mature members. These people fulfill several diaconate roles, as well as serving as the pulpit search committee, with assistance from an Interim Pastor appointed from among the sister church’s elders. This relationship between the Pigeon Cove Steering Committee and the Lanesville Congregational church elders provides a temporary means of spiritual accountability and pastoral oversight during the period of transition, and will continue until a permanent pastor is approved by the Chapel members.