Ministry Landscape
With fewer active members, the Chapel has necessarily reduced its involvement in many of the ministries it previously sustained. At present, two weekly church meetings are held. Sunday morning worship includes musical ministry led by a few members of the congregation, with expository preaching by the Interim Pastor or other qualified men from area churches. For visitors with small children, the people are happy to staff a nursery for their care. Periodically, a Bible study is also held before the worship service in the hour traditionally reserved for Sunday School. The second weekly session is a Wednesday night prayer meeting. This meeting is led by a core group of faithful members, with regular attendance by several people from other churches in town.
In the past several years, this small congregation has generously supported the activities of the church through its tithes and offerings. The weekly offerings are sufficient to fulfill the church’s budgetary commitments, including a part-time Interim Pastoral salary, all operational costs, and a “tithe” of ongoing missions support to a variety of domestic and overseas partners in the Gospel. In addition, the church owns and maintains a parsonage on the property, which for several years was rented to a member of the pastoral staff from a sister evangelical church on Cape Ann. The income from that arrangement provided sufficient resources for the Chapel to fund improvements to the church and parsonage facilities, including the installation of a new roof on each structure in 2016. The parsonage facility will be offered to a prospective permanent Chapel pastor as part of his compensation. However, the current size of the congregation, its generous giving through tithes and offerings, and the scope of the resulting church budget will realistically require the prospective pastor to secure additional income to supplement the parsonage housing allowance and salary the church can offer.