Historical Landscape
Pigeon Cove Chapel began as a Sunday School ministry to the Pigeon Cove neighborhood in 1857. On donated land, a chapel building was constructed in 1868 and the church installed its first pastor in 1873. The congregation was ecumenical in nature for many years, with its affiliation and theology often influenced by the pastor at the time. But in 1947, the chapel was rededicated as an Evangelical Nondenominational church, and since that date it has been a consistent voice of biblical faithfulness on Cape Ann.
For several generations, the Chapel has had a reputation as a congregation with a strong evangelistic impact on Rockport and the neighboring city of Gloucester. But it has not been without issues often found in small New England congregations. These have included occasional crises of leadership or disputes over secondary matters of doctrine, practice or personality that escalated and created divisions within the body. The result has been a repeated cycle of growth and declension that the current members of the congregation desire to permanently interrupt, as they rely upon the power of the Holy Spirit to establish a new foundation of unity in the bond of peace (Eph. 4:3).